Boat Repair Services

Beavers Bend Marina has a crew of mechanics and mechanic assistants who are available in the off season from October 1 through March 31st to assist the marina tenants with basic maintenance/cleaning of their smaller boats under 35 feet in length. The basic services that are offered are:
beavers bend marina repairs
  • Winterization of your boat
  • Oil changes and tune ups
  • Bottom cleaning with power washer
  • Battery replacement
  • Installation/replacement of canvas Biminis (correct frame must be ordered by owner)
  • New propeller replacement (owner must order the new propeller)
  • Installation of new boat lifts
  • Repair of existing boat lifts
  • Repairs to Honda outboard motors
Beavers Bend Marina is a certified Honda dealership and repair facility. We operate more than 50 rental boats that all have outboard Honda engines ranging from 115 to 150 HP. Our mechanics can assist with these engines because we are experts at diagnosing problems with these engines and carry spare  parts for most mechanical issues arising on these engines.
Our mechanics are also knowledgeable about Sea-Doo jet skis. We have about 12 in our rental fleet and can help you if you own a Sea Doo during our off season.
We recommend you use other local mechanics should something break down during the summer. We will try our best to take care of you during the summer but due to servicing our own fleet this will not always be possible.

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