Sea-Doo Rentals at Beavers Bend Marina

Sea-Doos are a great way to explore Broken Bow Lake and get into some of the narrowest coves. While this is exciting and adventurous, please do not get too close to land because there are many submerged objects and trees in these isolated coves.

jet ski sea doo rental beavers bend marina


jet ski sea-doo rental beavers bend marina


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Sea-Doo Rentals at Beavers Bend Marina

If you are a speed demon, Sea-Doos or jet skis as some people refer to them will give you an adrenalin rush. We have several new jet skis for 2021. The capacity of all the jet skis is two riders. Any more and they become very unstable and you risk getting wet a lot!

Do you know the best way to board a jet ski? Well it is not obvious! The highest stability of a jet ski is bow to stern (nautical lingo for front to back). So considering this, it is best to board from the stern or back of jet ski which has a flat surface for you to crawl onto. To make it event simpler, many if not all of our jet skis are equipped with a stern boarding ladder which makes it much easier for persons with not much upper body strength. Always best to have the strongest partner/driver board first since it can be very clumsy to switch positions once you have both boarded. You will both most likely lose your balance and off you go in the water to start over again.

Wearing a comfortable Life jacket that fits well is a must. It can be very tiring swimming and getting back on the jet ski multiple times. If you collide with another vessel and are knocked out, it will save your life by keeping your head above water.

Please stay a safe distance from all other boats, land and especially other jet skiers. Playing chicken with another jet ski is a recipe for a serious injury not to mention a large bill waiting for you when you check out!

Remember, you can have lots of fun on the water without being careless!! We hope you have a wonderful vacation at Beavers Bend Marina on Broken Bow Lake.

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